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Kingstreet Industries

As an industrial holding, Kingstreet Industries specialises in corporate participations in exceptional situations. 

We buy stakes in corporate spin-offs and SMEs whose performance is below par.

Another focus of our investments lies on companies where the issue of succession is fraught with uncertainty.

By getting closely involved in operations and practicing active shareholder management, we achieve fast, efficient and effective change.


If a tree isn’t growing, it’s dying.

We work to increase the shareholder value of our holdings.

Our strategy involves striving for the majority of shares in suitable companies. This allows us to effectively move ahead with the necessary measures. 

When we participate in a company, we do it properly. This includes getting involved in the day-to-day operations if this proves necessary. Thanks to decades of experience, we know the market and can respond as needed. First-rate contacts to the salient partners help us to do so.


We know what we’re doing and we think and act as partners. Keeping the company’s management team on board is essential and is part of our offer. 


By taking joint responsibility in and for the company, we increase its value faster and more effectively.

We take a long-term view. We are entrepreneurs.



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