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Managing Director:
Sven Dübbers

Commercial Registry:
AG Hamburg, HRB 155138


Legal information / Disclaimer


Website content

While Kingstreet Industries makes every effort to keep the content on its website up-to-date, accurate and comprehensive, the occurrence of errors cannot be completely ruled out.

Kingstreet Industries assumes no liability for the up-to-dateness, accuracy or comprehensiveness of the information presented on its website, unless the errors were caused deliberately or through gross negligence. This refers to any damages to material or intellectual property of third parties caused by use of this website.


The Kingstreet Industries logo and all content (texts, pictures, etc.) are protected by copyright. Kingstreet Industries reserves all rights, including those of photomechanical duplication, replication and distribution using special procedures (e.g. data processing, data storage media and data networks), in full or in part.


Wherever the option of entering personal information (e-mail address, phone number, names, addresses) exists on the website, this information is entered voluntarily. Kingstreet Industries explicitly declares that this information is not forwarded or disclosed to third parties.


This disclaimer is part of the Kingstreet Industries website. Should any section or wording in this text no longer (completely) comply with current laws, the other parts of this text remain unaffected.

External links

In its decision dated 12 May 1998, Hamburg District Court ruled that anyone publishing links was jointly responsible for the contents of the linked website. The court further ruled that this responsibility can only be negated by explicit dissociation from such contents. On its website, Kingstreet Industries has published links to other websites on the Internet whose content and maintenance are beyond its influence. The following statement applies for all these links:"Kingstreet Industries has no influence whatsoever over the design and contents of the linked websites. We hereby dissociate ourselves expressly from the entire content of all websites with links on our home page and do not underwrite their content.”

This declaration applies to all links displayed on our home page and to the entire contents of any websites linked to by means of banners and links on our site.